Friday, March 13, 2009

Just in case you were wondering

For the record, we made it to Atlanta.

And we went to IKEA.  Again.  And it was tiring.  Again.  And I had lovely, lovely Swedish meatballs.  Again.  And I bought lingonberries.  Two jars this time.

And we went to Trader Joe's.  Oh, the bliss.  I bought treats for myself, besides taking orders from back home.  I love (in no particular order) yogurt covered pretzels, Unburied Treasure, apple rings, apple rings, and more apple rings.

I can't believe I'm in Georgia.  This is my first time (other than being in the airport) and really the only convictions I have about it so far are these:
  • One must drink sweet tea while in Georgia.  I have to yet to do this, but it is DEFINITELY on my list.
  • The dogwoods are in bloom, which makes it feel like spring.  And Kelsey loves them which makes me happy.
  • Atlanta has warm weather, I'm convinced of it.  Even if it is cold right was warm when we got here, and I am still a believer.
  • They have Chipotle just like everybody (*cough* except for where Sam and Dora get stationed *cough*) else.
  • The roads are nice and paved.  Like, clean and smooth. 
Alright, people.  Katrina and I have night duty with the babies...pray they sleep well!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback, that is SO cool! It's weird, but it's easy to blog and never think about anyone reading much less relating. Decision making is certainly intense but really a great time to see God move in your life. I know that whatever you choose to do will be the right step. :) I'm praying for you!