Sunday, March 15, 2009

That was Cool. With a capital C.

Today we left Atlanta and ventured into the strange world of Florida.  You know you've crossed the state line when the roads get wide, clean, smooth, white...and there's just a feel in the air.  The sky is blue all of a sudden, and I ended up saying: "God, why did you make Florida the way you did?  Thanks...I like it."

We checked into our hotel (yay for priceline!  Oceanfront Hilton for $45 a night!).  Katrina and I have the most spectacular view.  We got to experience the beach a little, but the most exciting thing ended up being the space shuttle.

Yes, I said space shuttle.  We're about 30 miles south of Cape Canavrel, and there was a launch scheduled for today! (It wasn't originally supposed to be today -- I just think it turned out to be such a gift from the Lord.  We totally didn't plan it!)  It was crazy.  The fire ball was unlike any other, and the line of orange smoke it left in the sky lasted For-EVER!  Randy took my camera hostage for the night so as to get the pictures and video himself, so I'll just have to point you to his blog to see the one he posted...maybe I can try to get more up tomorrow.  Seriously, it was awesome.  We heard the sonic boom quite a while after it lifted off, and the beach was just filled with people watching (yes, we watched from the beach!).  Definitely a memory.


Anonymous said...

have fun in Florida, Anna! get some sun for the rest of us:)

Love or Nothing said...

that's so fun! my friends are in FL right now too.. hmm how funny would it be if you ran into them randomly without knowing it??

just kidding. FL's big.:)