Friday, February 27, 2009

the Secret Time

Sleep is weird.  It's something you're totally a part of but hardly involved in.  Most dreams you have you don't remember, and when you think about it -- it's kind of weird that 7 or 8 hours of every day is spent doing something you can't remember.

While on this trip to Cincinnati, Katrina and I are sharing a bedroom, and I woke up this morning to find a tweet from her that had been written sometime during the night:

KStyles@Anniepeterson just turned 2 me in her sleep & mumbled incoherently. When i asked what she said she replied "am i awake? Am i even alive?"

I want someone to tell me what happens while I'm asleep.  How did I say this?  What did I mean?  AHH!

The weird thing is, I feel sure that I've heard this recently -- like from a dream someone else had, which makes me think it might be important.

Part of this curiosity comes from a story my sister Amy told me once.  She said that she would overheard our other sister, Suzanna, talking in her sleep...talking to Jesus.  She was just telling Him how much she loved Him.  I don't think she ever remembered that, but Amy knew that Suz was meeting Jesus while she was asleep.

We're still alive while we're asleep, and I am about to die of curiosity to know what it's like.

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ivan said...

the few times i've talked in my sleep (and someone has been there to hear it), it's been in Chinese. strangely enough, i apparently speak much better Chinese when i'm asleep than when i'm awake :P