Friday, February 13, 2009

Did You have a Dream Last Night?

I'm going to try to type feverishly to get the craziness that was my sleep-consciousness written down.

It began with going to visit a college I've been thinking of. The dorms were perfectly clean, though not very inviting (think blue and white striped wallpaper).

It soon turned out that I had friends around! I apparently wasn't just visiting a college; no, no -- I was in Alaska. In comes twitter friends. @Rbohlender and @littlecone are going on a moose hunt. I want to go. They resist (well, particularly Randy resists). The snow is too deep or something. Anyway, he sends me to Tim to get what were called "tracking boots". I go into this other dorm room where there used to be boots lining the walls, but now there are only a few spares laying around, and none of them are my size. Tim's real nice, trying to help me, but there just aren't boots my size. Randy had promised that if I got the boots and "my car" (whatever that is), that he would at least pull me around with a snowmobile. Sitting at the windows are my friends Bruce and Becky Jackman, doing some sort of administrative work with the whole thing.

That's the end of that part.

At some point I am driving around Chicago (but then it seems like Kansas City). I'm supposed to pick up my sister Amy from work, but I drive in the complete opposite direction (her job is in Overland Park, and I drove to The View in Grandview) and end up at a restaurant/grocery store where my mom is meeting with someone. I beg for help (though I don't know why I needed help...) and call my sister to tell her where I am, half an hour after I was supposed to be picking her up. Somehwere in this, I'm pretty sure I visit my friend Amy's house.

I think that's the end of that part...I know I'm missing something.

This brings me to what may be a different part, or it may be connected. At some point in a parking lot, I find myself with a bunch of other people -- some I know, some I don't. Turns out we're playing golf, and I'm surprised that someone let me play golf with Dick Cheney and Ed Hackett (Cheney, you know, was Vice President and Ed Hackett is one of the leaders here in KC). Some people are dressed up (Cheney's in a bow tie), and some lady in a red dress that I really liked jumped out on the field and said something to the guy shooting the ball just before he hit it. I thought the shot should be disqualified, but no one said anything, so neither did I. When it was Ed's turn, he did this whole cool dance/flip move to get on the ground to measure where the ball was.

I'm at some sort of huge reunion-party thing. There's a whole presentation, with videos and everything. Someone says to me: "You know [Insert old teacher's name] is here right? She has her baby, David, with her!" "David?" I say. "I thought she had a girl." Turns out she did have a girl, but named her David. Hmmm.

All of a sudden, it's my turn to preach/share. I try to communicate to people that it's time for them to reach out to the people around them. I want to use the example of my sister and bro-in-law who befriended and prayed like crazy for their neighbors who ended up getting saved and are AMAZING people totally on fire for Jesus (that part is true...that really happened). Up comes to where I'm talking some people who did just that -- someone who reached out, then the girl who was befriended-- and the video person does a nice little shot of all of us looking very happy as the audience applauds. Then we all walk off. At this point, it's like we're at my house in Chicago. We walk around the house (the girl was befriended is in a wheelchair) and up the back stairs.

Then we arrive at the back door (which is all glass) and can see everybody's husbands in the tv room, watching some sort of game. We stand, waiting to be let in, while they all refuse to budge until that play of whatever game they're watching is finished. In the dream, I remember wondering what game they were watching, then wanting to twitter about it. One nice guy finally gets up to let us in.

I wake up.

Interesting, eh?

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Anonymous said...

i love your dreams annie! was that me in it that you were visiting??! lol

i have missed telling each other our crazy dreams. lol

(and i know how you like comments =P so here it is! lol)