Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dear Vicky...

Growing up, I was one of a little tribe of girls that ran around after church, feeling regal in our little summer dresses, danced during service altogether, and spent the week trading places playing at each other's houses.  Me, Laura, Veronica, Evie, Vicky...  We played and played and played.  I could go on and on about our adventures (especially me and Laura...boy, did we have some days).

Today I thought of Vicky, and thought writing about her just might be one of the best blogs I could compose.  Vicky and I were like little sisters...all my big sisters were big and grown, doing their stuff, away at college; Vicky only had a brother or two at the time.  Sometimes while my mom worked I would go hang out at her family's basement apartment.  We made cookies and danced (I had to be sure to bring my ballerina costume).  We dressed up in identical clothes (yes, we have pictures to prove it.  I don't know who, but someone got inspired to go buy us multiple identical outfits).  Oh, we played and played and played.  My bouncy red curls and her sleek blonde locks, we danced and we laughed and spent hour upon hour being each other's buddy.

Then Vicky moved to Nepal.  Her family became missionaries, and a piece of my heart moved away.  We were still Vicky and Anna, but with a couple thousand miles between us.  Her heart was captured by a people that were not her own, and they became her home.  Every time the Mills would come to visit, I got time to reconnect with Vicky and grow accustomed to the three or four inches two years had given each of us.  

It's an interesting thing, separation.  You know that change is happening in both of your lives, but you can't see it.  It still always catches me off guard every time I'm reminded that me and Vicky are still the same age.  She's in the middle of the college search just like I am.  

And, I have to tell you, she's beautiful.  Gorgeous on the outside and astounding on the inside. Faithful, sweet, and living like a girl whose heart has been captured by Jesus.  A few weeks ago, she connected with a friend in Mongolia (where her family is now) and ended up leading her to accept Jesus.  Oh, it thrills my heart.  If I had $2,000 to spare, I would drop it in a second and go see her.  =)  

Dear Vicky,

I miss you.  And I think you're amazing.  And I love you really really big.


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