Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I think I'll get Decaf.

Here I sit, on the end of a futon.  The kiddos a few seats down are giggling at the stumbling steps of the butler in Aristocats, and the baby is getting changed into a new, soft snuggly onesie and jammies.  His mom is delighting over him and his chubby thighs, and dad is serving as a throne for the oldest son -- they went out earlier in the day and bought Suz a Valentine's Day card.  OJ told Judah to keep it a secret when they got home.  Judah responded by asking what it was.  "It's a Valentine's Day Card." Judah demands: "No, what's it REALLY called?"  OJ responds with: "a thumb-bunny".   Judah brings the flat paper bag holding the card to me, dimples making me melt, and says "it's a Thumb-Bunny!"  Sure enough, the card reads "Thumb-bunny"...[open the card] "loves you".

I'm blogging when I really should be compiling a resume of my activities and accolades.  My interview with a Harvard graduate is tonight -- we're meeting at Starbucks, and I'm wondering if what I order as a drink will make a difference.  Hold on here, I need to be honest with you.  I don't really want to go to Harvard.  

That leaves me in an interesting position.  When she says "Why do you want to go to Harvard?" what do I respond?  "Um, I don't."  That would be an awkward interview.  Or I could tell her the real truth... that if I go to Harvard, I'll go so that I can tell the campus the truth -- that there is one God who deserves our affection and worship, that Jesus Christ is the only Way and the only Truth, and that Jesus is coming back.  Yes, I have a brain and I really believe that.  And no, I am not willing to do any changing, swish-swoshing, or giving up of my beliefs and convictions.

Of course, I could go into REAL detail and tell her what my friend Kelsey suggested in response to my tweet about the whole ordeal: 

@anniepeterson You could say: "To take down the Jezebel spirit and restore righteous ideologies through fasting and prayer".  Scholarship?

Whew.  I think she'll like that.


Amy Rachel Peterson said...

I LOVE Kelsey's suggested response. :) Will be praying...

Johnnie Bailey said...

you might be going to harvard? that's pretty amazing!

i'll keep you in my prayers ;)