Friday, February 20, 2009


I've never won any of the sweepstakes that I entered (not that I've entered many).  I have these grandiose dreams about them, though, considering that I'm related to someone who went to BALI to take an all expenses paid, spa treatments every day on the beach, have your own personal butler, sleep in your own personal villa vacation courtesy of a friend's sweepstakes win.  I kid you not.  

So, last week I was at the Clinique counter in Macy's to buy something that they was out of stock when I was there the week before to try to get someone to teach me how to do my make-up.  They had a little box to put your info in, and the sign said you could win a free make-up consultation.  Well, why not?  It didn't hurt a bit, so I put my name in the box.  They called last week to say I won, and I was excited!  I actually won something!  It's possible!  

As the week marched on toward my appointment, though, my excitement got toned down.  One sister said: "Wait, what did you win?  Annie, I bet everyone won" because, when you think about it, it's always free to walk up and say "hey!  you want to do my make-up and show me what to buy from you?"  

Last night I even had a dream that I walked into the store and my sister checked the list and said "Yup...35 appointments today" and I was sorely disappointed because everyone had indeed won.  

The reality was that I went, and the lady put more make-up on me than I ever put on myself.  It was fun, though, and I got through the awkward "Is there anything you want to buy" by getting some cool lotion that will be good for skin.

At first when I left the store I wanted to hide my face.  I hoped I wouldn't see anyone I knew, and I planned on washing my face when I got home.  Then I showed a few friends and they didn't think it was overdone, and ever since I have been getting more and more comfortable with it.  I'm still on the fence about whether or not to take it off before going out for Indian food later with my's just more than I usually do.  

And that's all she wrote.


Q, La, and Gooner said...

I think you look beautiful and it isn't too much! Although, I know how you feel. I wear Clinique and after awhile it DOES begin to feel natural... though I only wear makup on special occasions...

Anonymous said...

Wait, so did you leave it on or take it off?? I didn't really notice!

katie said...

Well, the make-up is beautiful! And I think it is fantastic that you won! I had a Clinique consultation before my wedding because I never wear make-up and hardly know how to do it, so I needed a little help. It was a little weird at first (and granted both sides of my face were painted differently which was even stranger) but was altogether fun too!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am enjoying yours as well!

Jen Jen said...

you had better left the make up misssy!


yoo look beatiful.
very natural looking.