Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Feelings

Today is the 21st...doesn't it feel like something exciting should happen on the 21st?

A couple minutes ago, I could feel my heart beating in my ear. Thub-dub, thub-dub (thanks to my science teacher Jeff for that incredibly descriptive language...really -- otherwise I would have been calling it "thump-thump" my whole life!)

If any of you are wondering, I left the make-up on yesterday. I wiped a little of the eyeshadow off, and I'm sure it had faded quite a bit by the time dinner came around.

We went to Indian food last night, and, no offense to Kansas City (again) but...I miss Devon (click on the link! I can't believe they have a wikipedia article about it!). My school in Chicago was right off this street known as "Little India" in the city. You could go and buy shalwars and saris, and you could walk into the little cafe and get yummy samosas. The Indian food was authentic and, if you wanted to make any of it, you just had to go to one of their grocery stores that lines the street. Last night I ran into the troubled question of how in the world to explain Bollywood to people who haven't been on Devon and seen all the movie posters. In fact, if you want to feel like you're driving in India, you can just drive down the street. It's like four blocks of craziness crazier than the usual Chicago streets. I once just sat behind a taxi who was one car length from an easy parking space, but he chose to sit in the lane while the passenger came and asked about the destination, then went back to get luggage, then they had to load luggage in, then load the passengers...the car passing me in the opposite direction motioned for me to honk at the taxi, but I was too chicken. It was probably Wednesday or something, and I was probably hungry. Sometimes I don't think straight when I'm hungry.

After Indian food, we tried to go TCBY next door, because Christina and Katrina LOVE it, and Tim and Jessica are from Tennessee where it's a staple, and I had NEVER had it. It closed 15 minutes before we got there, so we ended up have ice cream at my house.

Then I dreamt about Costco and making Christmas crafts with a bunch of people -- from Chicago and here in KC. In fact, that inspires me. I should go write this dream down. See ya!

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Anonymous said...

it's actually commonly referred to as "lubb-dub". and i didn't come up with it or anything. =P

when i was in 6th grade, we were learning about stocks or something. but we all chipped in like 50 cents and bought one share of TCBY stock. it was like $15 a share or something. i remember checking in the paper often, to see if it went up or down. but, i don't remember what happened to it after we graduated (elementary school was K-6 at my school). maybe my teacher still has it. maybe tcby stock has skyrocketed. probably not. anyway, they have good frozen yogurt. =)

how come you didn't continue typing and write down your dream on your blog, so we could all enjoy?

okay, i'm all commented out. =)