Saturday, December 01, 2007

Big Break

I just saw a commercial where a girl looked infinitely happy, was wrapped up in a pretty blanket, and plopped down on the couch. I thought "That is the look of someone who has nothing to do."

Also, you know that guy who does the infomercials for Oxi-clean?'s sad that I know that. Well, I'm convinced that he should have lost his voice by now, because whenever he is selling something, he sounds like he's yelling...that's a long time to be yelling. for the break that isn't a break from homework or a break in the Oxi-clean man's big break! I will soon be the next biggest thing on the Chicago 10:00 news (my Dad's sure of it). The story:

This morning, I went to my orthodontist. And I waited. (While I waited, I thought about what I'm gonna do with my life...again) I waited a half an hour before she was ready to see me. Now, I went in unsuspectingly, but as I sat down, I noticed that across the way from the chair I was in, there was a guy with a massive camera, in the patient and the orthodontist's faces while their work was being done. I wondered what was going on, and then I saw that the new lady standing around had a tag that said "abc" in the black circle -- quite familiar...and quite exciting.

I lie there going, "I hope I'll be on tv!" When she sees me, and goes over to tell her camera guy, "That one! Let's do that one!" pointing to me. Wahoo! Exciting! She told my doctors, "don't do too much yet." Soon the guy was all up in my chair-space with the big camera, hurrying around to get the different angles.

Once the doctors were finished looking at my teeth, the news lady was asking me how long I've had braces and told me that the teeth looked great. Then she said, "Get a shot of her cute smile!" =] So...awkward! I didn't know what to do. I just started smiling straight at the camera...the guy told me I didn't have to smile yet. He said when he counted to three, I should smile. I have to say, though, once he counted to 3, I smiled for ten or fifteen seconds straight - maybe longer. Meanwhile, the doctor and the reporter would say "She's so cute!!" =]

THEN, once I sat up from the actual work getting done on me, she rushed over and asked, "Can we ask you a few questions about blah...blah...blah..." Questions? For being on tv? Sure!! So, I had to hide a microphone under my shirt, and she asked me questions about what I thought about having braces and whether or not I had thought about having the invisible ones... well, my answers were kinda slow, so, I don't know about those, but. we'll see!

And side note: hearing the word "final" from the professor is a good thing; hearing the words "this is a disaster" from my doctor isn't so much a good thing. But it's not really a disaster...I could get them off soon!!

Off to bed - here I go.

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Woa! Did you ask when and where they were airing it? Did you ask what news show it was for? Huh? Huh? You need to tape it, so those of us not privileged to participate in the Chicagoland news can still see your "cute" smile! If any brace-wearers ever deserved fame, it's you for sure!