Sunday, December 16, 2007


"Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up..." -Psalm 68:19

People, I have been borne up.

I almost lost my wallet. I almost did.
Yesterday after my performance at Merit, I went Christmas shopping with Amy and Noemi (whoop whoop! I can now say that I have done some Christmas shopping). We went to Target, and played in the snow.

After that, we checked out Carson's and Claire's. I was about to buy something in Claire's, and I went to pull out my wallet, and it was gone. I searched again. "Aaaayyyy-meeee?? My wallet's gone."

Oh dear. We thought about where it was. It could be in the Target shopping bag. It could have fallen out of my purse when I fell in teh parking lot. We decided to just get back to the car and hopefully find it there on the seat or in the Target bag. Noemi said that she would buy my stuff that I was going to buy, but I said. "No." and put it back. She responded: "Why? "you'r enot gonna get it just because you don't have your wallet?" I said: "No. I'm just freaked out. I don't want to!"

We walked through the halls of the mall, me quietly worrying, thinking about how it could be my first lost wallet and oh, why did our beautiful night have to be ruined? Amy took my arm, and tried to tell me it would be okay. They told me it would be in the bag. Amy said, "Let's pray really quick" so there we were, the three of us arm in arm, praying through the halls that even if it wasn't in the bag, Jesus would put it in the bag.

We got to the car, and it wasn't on the seat. Amy searched the bag. "Please, Jesus, let it be in there..."

It was! I think I was quite loud: "Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! I love Jesus!!"

So, either I did put the wallet in the bag instead of my purse because I was in a hurry, or (my personal favorite) I dropped it and Jesus put it in the bag. My sister calls it translation. It happened to Philip in Acts when he preached to the Ethiopian guy. So, when it comes down to it, I am so thankful to Jesus.

We went to Noemi's house and had some mini pepsis with straws. =)

In other news, everything is so close! Just days, hours, minutes away...

How is Annie's anticipation growing?
Let me count the days...
Elizabeth, Peter, Amy, and Glorie come: 6 days
Suzy, OJ, Ariel, and Judah come: 9 days
Peterson Christmas (on the 26th): 10 days
My birthday: 26 days

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