Saturday, December 22, 2007

Certain times

There are certain times when I look 80 years older than I really am.

The certain time when this is especially true is at one o'clock in the morning on days when I have (a) worn my hair down and (b) worn make-up.

Since I had my hair down, I sloppily sweep it up so that it doesn't get mixed with toothpaste, making is lay across my face in true 90 year-old hair in a bun fashion. Then, since I take my contacts out, I have glasses that are severely disfigured (in my case) that are sliding half way down my nose.

Then add in the make-up part. My lips still have a slightly pinker shade than normal because of the lip gloss; it just looks greatly uneven since everything else that was good is gone.

So, in essence, at 1 o'clock every morning, I transform into a ninety year old, badly make-upped, hair-in-a-bun lady who really needs new glasses.

Actually, I do need new glasses.

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