Sunday, December 09, 2007

Shmorgasboard of quaintness

Today at church there was a candlelight service, and you know those little candles that are about four inches tall and have the paper plates around them? They burn really fast, and mine had wax all over it after burning for just a few minutes. In fact, the wax dripped down and through the little opening at the center of the wax-catcher (sounds evil, like a dog-catcher...wait a minute: are dog catchers evil?) and onto my finger. I then had a waxed finger. How bogus is that? You're right...not very. It was actually quite exciting. Side note: my dad called the paper thingy a "hoop skirt." Haha.

Often when I talk to my sister Amy on instant messenger, she tells me about her small to do list that must be done before she has to be at such and such a place at a certain time. Whenever I hear about her list, I always wish I had a list. It just seems so ordered and quaint and warm and fuzzy -- especially when the list includes tea and friends, as hers did today. If I were to make a list for myself today, I suppose it would be:
  1. Do my dialogue paper for Worldviews
  2. Do my driver's ed homework
  3. Practice Piano
  4. Search for a birthday present for my brother online (with having to ship to Hawaii, I've decided that shopping online will be the best option)
  5. Call Chloe
  6. All before 7 o'clock.

Also, just a heads up. (who knows why you need a heads up about my crazy Thursday...) This Thursday, I have an eye doctor appointment in the middle of the day. Then, I have choir rehearsal with my little choirs I direct (perhaps the last ones before our performance) and then I have to change and get all fancied up for my performance with my choir, then go to driver's ed, then go straight from driver's ed to music school then practice then go sing at the people's Christmas party, then get home at some point. I hope I don't have any homework that day. =P But you see, a day planned like that makes me excited. Having a list of errands to do makes me giddy. I'm telling you...something about an ordered to-do list of things one is completely capable of doing makes me happy.

Only thing is, homework doesn't usually count as one of those to-do's that makes me happy. Oh well.

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