Friday, December 14, 2007

The D's squared

My sister quite accurately pointed out that many days have passed since Monday, the time of my last post. Let's see...what has happened since Monday? Let's go backwards, shall we? Friday...Thursday...Wednesday...Tuesday... yep! It's Tuesday.

Before I get into Tuesday, can I just say one thing that I've been thinking of writing on here since Sunday: I have a love/hate relationship with heating vents. I mean the big heating vents, in stores, and on the sides of omnifarious buildings. (nice word, huh? I looked it up in the thesaurus!) So, anyways, here's the scenario: I'm cold. and I'm walking. But I'm cold. All of a sudden, I walk past a large heating vent, and my heart rejoices, because a huge blast of warmth hits me, and, oh, the bliss. The thing about a heating vent, though, is that it is only so many feet wide, which means I'm out of the blissful ignorance of the cold I was suddenly thrust through almost as quickly as I found myself in it. Yup. Love/hate relationship, me and the heating vents.
So. Tuesday. Tuesday started not so great. Very much not so great. Lots of other people weren't having the best day ever, or at least Miss Richert wasn't, so we went to Dunkin' Donuts instead of having just straight British Literature.

Amy and Leah matched!
Wednesday wasn't anything too momentous. We had chapel without a speaker, so we added a song, and another song, and another song and the teachers told some corny jokes, since we thought we were waiting for the speaker.

Thursday. Thursday...

To explain this picture...I went to the eye doctor. The last time I went was four years ago. FOUR years! So, my mom decided to take me to an opthamologist instead of hte normal Lenscrafters eye doctor. It was quite the adventure. They had all of these assistants who do all the testing for the doctors, and then the doctor comes in and looks at you for a few minutes. The lady tested my eyes and everything, and put dilating drops in them. This is the point of the picture. My pupils were HUGE. Back to that later. Once she put the drops in, I had to wait around for half an hour for them to get fully dilated. She said they use extra strength drops for those of a younger age, ahem, and that the dilation would last all day.

Once I finally did get in a room to see the actual doctor, she seemed to be in such a hurry. She looked at my eyes with more normal machines and lights and everything, and then she started saying that she wanted to see something in particular just because it was the first time she had ever seen me. She strapped on one of those headband lights:

and used what looked like a magnifying glass to look way into my eye. The light was the brightest light you've ever seen and it was straight into my eye, and she had me look in all different directions. At some point, I think my brain pretty much shut down on the idea of opening the eyes just to have them glared into by this light that more than slightly resembled the sun itself. She would say, "look that way" and it felt like I just couldn't make my eye obey and open for anything in the world. So she opened it for me. Anyways, bright light. Big spots afterwards. But my eyes are healthy, that's the good thing!

So, back to the dilating drops. Lasted all day. I could just imagined my brain freaking out: "why won't the eyes obey me?? Why will they not listen and contract those pupils??" Once I got back to school, people thought it was the freakiest thing ever. Those things were massive. It was such a weirdy feeling, to just not be able to focus on something. Like, I had absolutely no control over that part of my sight...pretty interesting. Of course it was so useful for trying to read the book in driver's ed. I wonder what the teacher thought of my weird blinking.

So, I tried to take a picture of it.

This morning, they were still bigger than normal. Vision's all clear, though, and I don't even need a new prescription.

OH! So then, I had to go to Driver's ed...blah blah blah...and then I had to go to music school and rehearse and then go perform at the fancy Lakeshore Drive house. That was my busy day.

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Great recap, and so glad you don't even need a new prescription :)