Friday, December 21, 2007

In Honor of the 200th post...

We shall talk about all sorts of different things.

1. Today, as I eagerly looked through the mail, I found a clear envelope, and it had a dollar bill inside it. I took it out, and held the dollar bill in my hand. I asked my dad if I could have it - after I explained to him where it came from, he said that it could be mine. Aha! A dollar added to the Christmas account.

But wait! From whence did this fabric paper appear? For huh-wat purpose is it sitting on my kitchen table? (these thoughts could also be summed up in this way: Should I feel guilty if I consider this dollar bill as my own?) I read through the letters and finally found the following:

"Dear Ms. Kohlhas,
I've enclosed a $1.00 bill. It's real and you can spend it. But I hope you won't. Because I have faith in you."


Turns out, it's a letter to solicit donations for wounded veterans.

What to do? The letter isn't even addressed to me. (Kohlhas = Grandma) And, sorry, but if I did send the dollar back, it would be going back alone. "Here's your dollar back!"

Tell me - does that statement not make you sound heartless if you even think to keep half a penny of that dollar they put in that envelope? Oh dear... I'll probably keep the dollar.

2. My Merit Singers performances are over.

No more homemade cookies on Lake Shore Drive. No more riding in the personal-feeling elevator that goes right to their door. No more doorman offering to help me put my coat on. No more "Christmastime is Here." (which, personally, is just fine with me...that song isn't my favorite...)

3. I am unspeakably excited about all those cookies I'm planning on baking for the family.

On the list so far:
  • Klockes
  • Chocolate-chip cookies with cranberries, so that they are holiday choc-o-chip
  • Snickerdoodles made with applesauce instead of butter, so as to be acceptable for the non-fat eater of our house this holiday

Anymore suggestions? Requests, Amy?

4. I love giving gifts. Yup, I do. It's so fun!

5. Last night was one of the most hilarious sleeping arrangements of my life. Rachel, Nikki, and I all slept in the double/queen size (I'm not sure which) bed. I was in the middle and received Rachel's pillow in my face a few times. In the morning I awoke to find that an extraneous teddy bear had been taking up half my pillow all night. Oh, and the dog had decided to join us.

6. I'm on winter break! I'm on winter break! I'm on winter break!!!

7. Now let's talk about font size.

8. I'm done with driver's ed (classroom) and I got the range dates I wanted! Permit is only 17 days away or so!!! Watch out, squirrels!!! (in case you hadn't noticed, Chicago seems to be overrun with squirrels)

9. There is metal in my mouth that is annoying me.

Cheerfulness to all!

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