Friday, December 07, 2007


I'm getting excited. I'm starting to ache inside, because Christmas is gonna be soo good. My family. I don't think words can describe my family. But the thought of us being together makes my heart go warm and fuzzy, and I can't wait to laugh and hug and listen to the sweetest voices in the world. My sisters' voices: I can't wait to hear them through the halls and the rooms and through the protesting to a fast slip of the hand in Dutch Blitz. I can't wait to hug Ariel as tight as I possibly makes me cry just to think about it -- my Ariel is gonna be in my arms again! =)

I love that girl! :)

I laugh so hard when I'm with my family - they're pretty much the funniest bunch around. Ah, now I remember. What usually happens is the girls do somehting random or talk about something random while the guys break out the James Bond and *gasp* beer.

Plus, we look like each other! What could be better?

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Anonymous said...

WAHHHHHHH!!!!! I wanna be there.