Monday, December 10, 2007

Inopportune moments

The cat likes knocking my trash can over when I'm not looking. And plants. She knocked the one in the living room over twice today.

I think I might be making this certain nightly routine a habit. I've gotten quite hooked on my sister's book, which is on a cd in my computer, so I get under my heated blanket (all ready for sleep, which for me mainly means relieving my poor, tired eyes of their apparel: have you ever known the relief of getting one's contacts out??? Even if they haven't been actually bothering you; it's like a chemical that says "relax" to your entire being is released once you take out your contacts. )

back to the description: I get under my heated blanket and pick up my computer (which is also warm...I like being warm; but you know how your toes take so long to get warm when you get in bed?? Even with a heated blanket...they are still cold when I fall asleep. In the morning, though, toes that are as warm as toasted marshmallows try to keep you glued under your covers...yippee - warm toes!!)

back to my situation: I pick up my computer and read. and it's hard to stop.

Congratulations, Amy! I'm enthralled, hooked, intrigued, and all of the above. ;)


Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Hooray! Now, if you can just advise me on whether the jobba-the-hut-like character should do his dance BEFORE or AFTER the cook lifts that two-ton shark off the marshmallows. Thanks.

Amy Rachel Peterson said...

oh dear, have you realized that today is Thursday, and this blog was posted on Monday, and my pace has outstripped yours? This is unheard of. We must have news! Your public awaits!