Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Winter Joy

Today when I walked out of the store, I purposely left my hood down and watched the whiteness fall around me. Then, I was rewarded. A pretty little snowflake (well, it felt pretty) landed right on the tip of my nose. I love snow!!!

The more Christmases I go through, the more I think I love Christmas. It's so exciting! The sparkling lights everywhere are so enchanting, and the snow is just so perfect when it first falls. Have you ever thought about people who have Christmas with no snow?? (or you might be one...my pity extends to you) That is such a sad idea to me! Snow nad christmas are an extraordinary pair.

I think it's wonderful that God put something pretty with all the cold, or else I don't know how we would handle it. As winter started, it made me moan inside, because I just get tired of feeling cold for no apparent reason. It's so hard in the morning to get in the car and just be cold. You're just COLD. And you don't really know "cold" until you live in Chicago during the winter. Once the snow comes, though, it's like the coldness has been validated, and it's all worth it.

As of December 4, 2007, I don't mind Chicago winters. In fact, I believe I may be able to say that I like a Chicago winter. A few days ago, that would have been sacrilage. Now, looking at the snow sitting in the branches of the tree outside my window, it's bliss.

I don't have a picture from tonight of me enjoying the falling snow, so this picture from last year involving happiness and snow will have to do.


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