Thursday, November 29, 2007

Turned around

Um, this morning, the cat jumped on my face. While I was in bed. I bear a battle scar on my lip. Not cool. That is just not cool. It should be against the rules. Oh wait, it is. Oh wait, the cat doesn't know English, so she doesn't know it's against the rules...right. Does that mean this situation is hopeless? All things considered, she should have learned last week when she jumped on Amy's face and was flung off only to immediately land sideways *smack* onto my face (we were laying side by side). She should have learned. There you's her own fault. But I'm the one with the scratch on my lip.

I need some sort of really interesting (or even slightly interesting) story to happen to me so that I can blog about it...

Amy left on Wednesday...tiempos tristes.

OH! but OJ, Suzy & Co. are officially coming for Christmas! (and on that note, can I say that I just typed "Thanksgiving" instead of Christmas for the umpteenth time only to have to go back and fix it. Why can I not get over Thanksgiving??"

You know what, I am abandoning blogging for the night and am going to try calling Callie and/or Chloe.

Perhaps info on driver's ed tomorrow. Let's just say that sitting at the desk wondering what I'm going to do with my life is a common occurrence. And my test is tomorrow. Let's also say that.

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