Thursday, November 22, 2007

Angel Arms

[Originally, this post read "today is Thanksgiving!" but now, it is not Thanksgiving, it is the day after...please excuse the timing]. [Yesterday was] Thanksgiving! There is tons to be thankful for. First, let us talk about snow. I woke up this morning to two things: a sore throat and snow. Snow! The first snow of the season is on Thanksgiving. Maybe we need to be more thankful for snow.
If you had been at my house today (as I was) and had been asked to take out the trash (as I was) you would know (as I do) that snow creates a triviality of no trivial nature known as icy steps. This is where my angel arms come in...well, not my angel arms, but those that must have been wrapped around me considering the fact that I do not at this moment have a broken neck, broken back, or some other tragic-ness (besides my sore throat and stuffy nose). I had two bags of trash in each hand, and when I got to the icy steps, I decided to brave them (as I normally would). On the first step, my foot went a-sliding. Falling down my stairs would be very bad, in case you haven't seen my back steps. I let the two bags in my right hand go and they crashed to the ground as I grabbed the railing. I had a very firm balance right away, though, which leads me to believe that there must have been some angel arms surrounding me in some way. Yay for angel arms.

At the beginning of the day, it looked like we would have a very small Thanksgiving, since the people we invited either had somewhere else to go already or were just so happy to have a day off work that they just wanted to rest. We hoped to convince the girl who lives in our basement apartment to have dinner with us, so we set a place for her just in case and figured if she didn't come, we would just have a place set for Jesus (like how at Passover a place is set for Elijah). A teacher from the school ended up calling and accepting the invitation.
I made mashed potatoes, which requires all of one's strength...

We talked of Pakistan and education and various things. I had my jellied cranberry sauce. Every year, my mom makes real cranberry sauce with whole berries, but I always have to have the jellied kind. It's super yummy.

The kitty has a name! My mom decided (as in, decided, and said no one could change it) that it would be called Jemimah. No argument, contestation, or wavering. My very inner nature wants to protest, but I cannot... Jemimah took part in the Thanksgiving feast, too. Well, she tried to. She is quite mischievous. Maybe it's okay to call her Jemimah...funny names are good for animals at some times.

Speaking of animals, we watched the national dog show in the morning (random, yes) and the cute australian sheepdog won -- we were rooting for her. I might want one of those someday.

Our craziness:

we could be models

Amy's kung-fu-ness my favorite dance move
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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