Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving buzz

Jewel is like a hive of bees in the middle of the summer who are stuck with black tea without any sugar, so they have to make honey. There are Jewel workers in the blue shirts everywhere you look, boxes taking up the whole middle of the aisle waiting to be unloaded onto the shelves, and stacks and stacks of stuffing and cans of sweet potatoes.

As I stood in front of the glass door standing between me and the tins of crescent rolls, I began to think. How many should I get? One makes six rolls...and then, I had a wonderful remebrance...leftovers! All of a sudden I was more excited for the Thanksgiving leftovers than for Thanksgiving itself. You get to have Thanksgiving over and over again for at least three days. Yummy...yummy...yummy... I got two tins.

Amy is coming to Chicago for Thanksgiving. She'll be here on Tuesday!

In other news, my driver's ed class starts tomorrow. This is good. I really want to drive. The little bit I get to do is retrieving the car from the garage to the side of the house where I pick up my dad, and when I do, it feels so good. Is that weird? Driving feels really awesome. Tonight I sat in the Walgreen's parking lot waiting for my dad. I watched all the different people drive in and I had many thoughts: one of them was how I wonder what it will be like to be an adult..and I'm kind of excited. Yeah. Just a little bit.

don't I look like I'm dreaming of adulthood? is good right now too

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