Monday, November 19, 2007

No Way

I'm really tired. And I still have two sections of Worldviews to read. I would be officially crazy if I wrote the blog I was planning on writing right now, before my homework is done. That would be especially true because it is now 10:31. I left music school about 9:32. Somewhere around there.
In fact, this was today's schedule (just so you know, I feel like pronouncing it sh-e-jule like the be sure to read it with that pronunciation):

6:00 - wake-up

6:07 - decide that's it's not after six, I'm sure of it

6:22 - turn around and actually look at the clock.

7:12 - leave the house

7:42 - pass Lincoln while driving on Devon (I was looking at the clock, I just thought I'd put that in there)

7:56 - we have no first period teacher because she's out of town for Thanksgiving and...I think everybody else forgot that she's out of town for Thanksgiving

8:38 - first class with the new teacher: Miss Richert!

11:12 - lunch...that's always importnat

fast forward:

3:25 - driving towards bank to get money orders for first Driver's Ed class

4:05 - I walk into Driver's Ed class after asking 3 Taft students how to find the room...awkward

5:30 - First Driver's Ed class done! [more on that later]...hurry home and grab food for my hungriness and try to check some e-mail and then run out the door to rehearsal

7:05-9:00: sing some high G's (and trust me, they're high)

9:28 - leaving Merit

in between then and now I have looked at blogs and read some e-mail...and written this blog of course (which doesn't count as the one I was planning on doesn't...)

10:38 - read Worldviews and (hopefully!) go to sleep sometime in the next five hours...

notice the heavenly light pouring down on her head? Oh yes, sleep is good.

Did I mention that I'm really tired and have been probably since, oh, I'd say, about 2:00? Yeah...random headaches....

Did you know that caffeine dries out your vocal chords? And yet, I have a fascination with Starbucks.

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