Monday, November 12, 2007

Choices, choices

There is this scholarship competition, and I'm thinking of entering it. But, I don't know which one to send! I know these pictures are of little ones that I love, so I'm kind of biased; plus, I am not that developed of a photographer, so, it's a total long shot anyways. My thinking is that I don't really have anything to lose, so I might as well go ahead and enter. Please, help me figure out which one you think is best in a photographic-sense. (and remember...none of them are actually, you know, real photography... =P )

above: this one I love because of Glorie's expression and the...I don't know what you call she is in the side of the picture instead of the middle.
above: I think this one is a little too shadow-y
above: I have this one on my wall: the drawback is the camera string in the top right corner!

Decisions, decisions! Please comment!


Amy Rachel Peterson said...

The camera string one is not showing on the i don't know which it is. Can you get it up there?

Amy Rachel Peterson said...

I can see them all now. I like the one you thought was a little shadowy, and the one with the unknown girl. The one of GLorie and you is great, if you can crop your hand out of the bottom. But maybe they don't accept cropped photos.