Sunday, November 18, 2007

the Amazing Gray-Ice

here was no gray ice involved with last night. I didn't even have any ice at all for that matter. But, I wanted to make a play on "Amazing Grace." Gray: my dad wore a gray suit. And, I'll make an acronym for ICE: "I Can Exceptionally-imagine-myself-drinking-milk-while-bungee-jumping. Oh wait...I didn't drink milk while bungee jumping last night.

I watched Amazing Grace last night with Amy and Mr. Pan. It was like fulfilling a dream or something. Hehe. We got the house for a while because my mom and dad had to go to a fancy party...

we matched! his tie - my jacket..wahoo!

First of all, I was happy the movie was here. Second of all, we didn't have any popcorn. Sorry, guys. I had promised popcorn in my e-mail, and I let them down. Sad times.

But the movie was good! The cat enjoyed the fact that we were all just sitting there peacefully. She decided to be everyone's friend, at least for a while.

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