Monday, November 26, 2007

the Unexpected Day

You wouldn't normally think that the day your nose, throat, and lungs decide that breathing is a sin against humanity would be a day where you wake up at 6:30 and go non-stop. You also wouldn't think that the day where your nose becomes not a way to breathe but the new hottest place in town for snotty singles to meet would be a day where you do choir rehearsal late into the night.

And yet, this is my day.

So, my Chemistry teacher is a doctor, right? It's kinda funny how he puts in little (albeit simple) advice in the middle of class. Once, two girls were late and one of them came in explaining why and asking if she could go help the other girl because she had a nosebleed. Dr. Albert's reply was, "Ok...tell her to put cold water on the bridge of her nose and the back of her neck." Well, that was easy. Then today, in my stuffed up state, I put my head down in class and he switched from Chemistry to medical-ry (or whatever). "Anna, drink lots of fluids. That will help." Good thing I had my waterbottle with me.

And, in even other news, I have something to add to yesterday's post. Another side effect of not being able to breathe through one's nose, and consequently keeping one's mouth open all the time is a bit tongue, I find. Yes, I suspect that during the night my teeth got tired of staying open and decided to attack my tongue...sad times.

Anybody got any news that doesn't have anything to do with Anna's cold??

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