Friday, March 21, 2008

Today in the News

The news, the news. Sometimes it's fascinating, sometimes it's disturbing, and sometimes it's really really funny. Like, there was this guy who put a $12,000 ring in a balloon so that his girlfriend could literally "pop" the balloon that had the question. Anyways, the balloon floated away. Funny news.

But my news is:

1!! I have a license! Watch out, Chicago, I'm zooming everywhere, making crazy turns, and stopping at most yellow lights all at the same time.
2!! I got a hair cut!

My hair had totally gotten to the long and boring stage, and it needed to be bouncy and fun again! Rachel cut it, and she is so amazingly talented, I don't even know what to do with it. I had kinda told her what I wanted...half way into the cut, Bethany pipes up from behind me: "Anna, you do know that you're losing hair by the fistfuls??" Maybe I got a little nervous, but Rachel's trusted hands were in charge, and I love it!

3!!! I'm on Spring Break! I have no Merit tomorrow, and I want to take full advantage of my free day. I might hang out with friends downtown; maybe visit the huge pillow fight or something.

So, those three are the most bouncy, randomly fun items. Here are a couple more that may or may not make you decide that you would like and/or are a banana:

4. Our Pakistani doctors left us. They got residency programs, and aren't our teachers anymore. We had a going away party for them...

5. Who knows if this is actually a piece of news, but we had the international dinner last Friday... Fun pictures are always exciting

6. I starred in a talk show! Well, okay, it was a fake talk show. But I was a Harvard professor all the same!

Well, I was a professor until I turned Mexican with "Felipe"'s sombero.

7. I have red hair, in case you didn't notice. And, another more serious and thoughtful post may or may not be able to take place soon subsequent (haha! I don't know if that is correct grammar, but it sure is fun to think about saying: "soon subsequent") to this one.

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