Monday, March 10, 2008


Well, let's see. I am only 10 minutes away from having my fifty hours. Ah, the license is close. Very close.

Did you know that the speed limit in Indiana is 70? Haha...I do. Ummm....

I'm sorry! I totally don't know what to write. I'm tired.

Oh wait. I got it.

So, I have been going on runs and excercising a whole bunch. Today I hit an hour. I ran for like 40 minutes then came home and sprinted and did stairs in the yard and then did other random muscle building things. Anyways. I couldn't do it without my iPod.

Today was the first time that my muscles actually burned once I stopped running. Hmmm...but, I kept going with all my other random stuff. Well, perhap this isn't that exciting for you.

Ummmm....I wish I could do more Irish dancing. I remember some of the basic jig, but beyond that, it's not there anymore. When I did do it, though, it was a great workout. How fun would it be to dance in the St. Patrick's Day parade. I have a friend who has done Irish dancing for a really long time; sadly, she just sprained her ankle! Hopefully it will be better in time for the parade.

I wanted to make cookies today, but I didn't.

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