Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Let me submit myself to you as living proof that the movies are not reality

Today, we had a little situation at school which, as I thought on it later, I realized was almost a total movie setup. And ended differently.

So, there's this third grader who likes to play basketball and be around us after school. Today, Amy, me and our friend were setting up for chapel. We finished and were saying goodbye when this little third grader...well, let me first say that she has probably seen WAY too many lovey-dovey movies - most of them probably including a young girl who was instrumental in bringing together the main characters...this girl began physically pushing (or trying to) me and this boy towards each other around the hallway prodding (over and over): "Kiss her! Come on!! Kiss him! Come on!!" Oh my goodness. Total awkward turtle.

Now, I am basically twice her size. I promised her, "No matter how much you push me, I'm gonna keep standing right here." So, what did she do? Went around and tried to push him. And he said, "If you can't push her what makes you think you can push me?"

Amy helpfully tried to ask her where she was supposed to be...but that didn't work. It kept on going. When I wouldn't budge, she decided to try to push Amy towards it. That didn't work either.

I protested: "Why would I kiss..." And of course (for once, romantic movies are my enemies) her reply was "You're in love." Oh wow. She claimed to know more than we did...I guess she meant about us or about how to tell if someone is in love. Apparently, I can't decide for myself how I feel, because, well, she knew better, and, well, it was OBVIOUS that I should kiss him.

So, anyways. Hours later, I thought about how that was like a movie setup. And, you know what, finally I have some proof that movies don't reflect reality. Because, well, we obviously didn't kiss. And, you know what, movies are really good at skewing people's perspectives. Mine included. Hmmm...and yet I am addicted to Pride and Prejudice.

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Anonymous said...

haha...oh man, I lol'ed at the "awkward turtle" remark since I heard how you'd say it in my head. Classic...

And movies are totally fake...but I still love watching them...especially if they're sappy..

I'm a crazy boooooy.