Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oh, How He LOVES us

I've just been listening to this over and over again.

You know those times when you feel like you haven't felt Jesus really close in a long while? Sometimes, I think it feels like it's been years when it's only been days, because He's just so addicting and vital. =) Anyways, I can honestly say that I'm in one of those times, and I feel quite convinced that it's my own fault. Oh dear.

Today, I opened my Bible just to get a verse to write in a card, and it felt like at the sight of it, my heart reached out and cried for it. I think I've left myself thirsty, and if I had stayed focused on Jesus and had times in His word to be refreshed and be reminded that it is all about Him, I wouldn't be in some of the places I am now.

Who knows why I'm writing this on my blog... but I need rescuing. Again. Is that okay?

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

It sure is. And he loves to rescue. "Joshua", from which Yeshua is derived, means Jehoa-Schiuah, or "God saves" (rescues). His name is about how much a part of Him it is to rescue us!