Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Polite Society

Today, on my walk, a gentleman tipped his cap at me! It was so nice...we passed each other on the sidewalk, and he greeted me and put his fingers up to the rim of his baseball cap, and it made my day! He was about sixty or sixty-five, which is probably why he still remembers how to do such things.

Whatever happened to the good ol' days when gentlemen would never neglect to open the door for a lady or tip their hat or stand up when they walked into the room? I wish that those were still normal these days. It's hard to describe the feeling when someone treats you like a lady. When they open the door or let you go first or walk on the edge of the sidewalk closest to the cars. It's like being told that you are worth being valued; they don't know you, you haven't earned their affection, but just because of who you are, you are worthy of respect and value.

My dad has told the story about a little town in the Old West where a bunch of outlaw gangs used to go and hide out. About a dozen families lived in the area, but there was one lady who lived right in the middle of this hiding out, yet she never felt afraid. Nothing ever happened to her, even though she was surrounded by outlaws and thiefs. Not even a guy who would kill a man in a fight would dishonor a lady.

Not that I want to be surrounded by outlaws, but you know what? I miss those days. Maybe I never actually had first-hand experience with them, but I miss the idea of it. Litle moments like these where a nice old man tips his hat to me just because...they make me think...


This Friday, I do have a chance to test my polite society skills; there's a quincinera to go to, and I got a new dress! It was on clearance; new dresses are always so excited. So, I will model it for you. :)

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