Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let's Hope

me: "Dad, I'm gonna ask you a serious question, and it's gonna sound like a joke, but it's actually serious...can I take a week off school and go to Tacoma during Chloe's spring break?"
He said he'd think about it.

Let's see...today I saw a really really dumb movie for $6...but I did get free popcorn. In fact, I hardly saw the movie...it was so boring that me and my friends left, and when we ended up going back, we talked most of the rest of the time.

Have you ever put one of those marshmallow Peeps in a microwave and watched it explode like there's no tomorrow? I haven't...I've only heard about it.

Some radio shows have "Open Fridays" or whatever where people can call and say anything they want about any subject they want? I should do that on the blog. It would be like limiting myself to saying only three very dull things...I could only pull the random card once a week.

me: "how's your fish?"
Mr. Pan: "I think it changed colors."
That's a knee-slapper.
I think if you mix lime juice and a monkey, the lime juice might get the monkey acting pretty weird. Just a thought.

If I ever take a nasty fall while rock climbing or decide to bang my head on a really really hard shovel, let's go for some recordings of family and friends and my pastor instead of Johnny Depp, shall we?
In other news (for real, it's in the news), this happened. I should do a whole post on all the strange wedding set-ups I've seen. White Castle, a swimming pool....what's next?

back to the fish: "and I don't know how big it's eyes were to start off..."

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