Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's Over

Target's dressing rooms are not my friend. I've had that lump in my stomach sick feeling coming out of them before, but I went in again today to try on a $4 shirt I found (which didn't work out) and I am determined almost to boycott them. First, you're totally set up by all the advertisements of their clothes on the racks...all those skinny-minis looks like they're about to fall apart, yet they always have "life couldn't be better" smile on as the invisible wind blows their hair around.
Then, the lighting in the rooms is just so terrible! You can have lights that make you look green, and lights that make you look too pale, and you can probably have lights that make you look like you don't even exist or something, but I'm telling you...there's something about these Target dressing rooms. The first thing I think when I walk in is, "I need to put make-up on or something! I look terrible!" When I look at the mirror in the car three minutes later, I don't feel like this. At home, I don't feel like this. Those Target lights. My eyes looked bloodshot and I had the massivest circles under them. Seriously, in Target mirrors, I look like I'm about to keel over and die.
Goodbye, Target mirrors. I'm scarred.

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