Sunday, August 26, 2007

What's New

Let's see... what's new with me?

It's one week and two days until school starts!!

I added the google sidebar to my desktop. It has this little photo thing (seen in picture) where you can tell it to just look in your photos you have saved on your computer, so I constantly have this little slideshow of all my pictures running on the side. I love it! It also has a very confusing music player that I wish would just work really well, but it might prove unuseful as it seems it would be easier to just open iTunes.

My contact is a little dry, so it feels like I'm winking at my computer.

I saw the Bourne Identity and the Bourne Supremacy for the first time over the last few days. I have to say that after Identity I was slightly confused as to why they are so popular, but after Supremacy I was quite a bit less confused. Identity didn't seem so great (I also felt distracted while I watched it, like I was missing something. That could have been the ice cream I subconciously knew I wanted, or it could have actually been because the movie wasn't that great). Tonight, though, I saw Supremacy, and I have to say that it seemed like a stand-out movie. One of those ones that is better than others that have been made in this world. I think I'm beginning to find out that I kind of like action movies...interesting thing to encounter, that.

Today, we went to a petting zoo! It was quite fun. Now, Glorie is only 8 months old, so Peter held her as she had her brief encounters with these fairly new things to her -- animals! It was basically a big photo shoot of Glorie, with some animals put in for effect. TONS of pictures resulted.
me and my cheesy picture with the horse.
Amy, I, and the turkey. petting zoos make for the most lovely backdrops!

cutest sheep I've ever seen in my life.
CUTE Glorie!

petting the sheep


So, I get a whole nother (how do you write that - "whole another" looks weird. You pronounce it "nother"...I have an eerie feeling that I've asked this on my blog before) week in KC! Yay!!

P.S. Have you ever played Diner Dash? We kind of got addicted for a few minutes!

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