Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm excited

I have to say being in Tacoma made me excited about graduating again. Through the year, it had kind of gotten to a place where I felt like, "Okay...I guess I'll graduate." and even being slightly sad about it. But being in Tacoma reminded me of why I wanted to graduate early. It all started because I long to be in Tacoma; I was in such a hurry to get there, that I decided to graduate early. And now, I want to be there again. Yet, I don't know if it will work out that way. I have to take a year off before college, and I have no idea what will happen in that year.
But what goes with this is obedience to Jesus. And last night, I learned something about obedience. I have totally been living in a "one day" sort of attitude about obedience. Like, "I can't wait to live my life in crazy obedience to Jesus and watch the fruit. That is exactly how I want my life to be." Well, that is how I want my life to be, but last night the Lord just told me how "crazy obedience" isn't just the huge things like selling your house to do ministry, or changing your job, or dating the right person or something. In "crazy obedience" is simplicity. When I walk into my school and spen my time walking in joy, I am doing "crazy obedience." When I pray for my classmates, friends, and parents, I am walking in "crazy obedience." And the same kind of fulfillment is for me through this simple obedience. In fact, it probably is training for how all obedience is simple obedience. Even the big things...yep, still simple.
Part of why I desire to be at NewSong so much is how I so clearly see when I'm there everyone moving forward, because of simple obedience. That's part of what I love. I love being surrounded by tons and tons of people whose heart's cry is to be obedient. And who act on it. And their lives are different.
For God's church to be sold out to obedience...can you imagine? For God's people to be able to lay down unbelief that Jesus will be good no matter what and truly walk free of fear of being let down by Him. Unbelief is definitely dying in my life right now.

So, I want to be obedient. I want to be obedient next year in deciding with my parents what to do, the year after that when I go to college, Lord-willing. But I want to be obedient today, and not be passive about believing Jesus, not be distracted from fighting the fear that wants to keep me from my joy. I am with Jesus. Ultimately, He is my home. So I'm great.

the girls at Snoqualmie Falls

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