Thursday, August 16, 2007

Random Tandem (does that make sense?? wait a minute...does it need to??)

Why are the pillows and blankets on the airplane always gone before you ask for one? They should just store one of each for each seat.

And, I missed my 100th post, so Happy 103rd post of Annie's blog.

Once, my sister had to get off of a plane really quick, and she was sitting in the farthest back row of the plane. She told a flight attendant about how she might miss this ceremony Sam was in, and the flight attendant told her to just push her way to the front of the plane, past the people, as soon as something happened, I can't remember what. I like that story.

I went to the doctor today. It took like 6 hours. literally. a lot of waiting.

I'm ready to go to Kansas City. I got used to not being in Chicago over the last 5 weeks, and I'm ready for a break. This city is intense! Especially after a 6-hour day at the doctor's office.

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