Friday, August 10, 2007


I'm sitting in a Tully's, finally able to get confident internet service. I'm looking out the window, through the evening sunlight to see my cutest nephew crawl around the nearby playground while my sister helps Ariel defeat the monkey bars. There has been so much in this summer (at least so, so, so many pictures) that I can't blog about all that now.

But the other day I got inspired. Sometimes I randomly get these ideas: color-scheme ideas. The idea of planning a wedding or designing a house and making everything coordinate together and be beautiful sounds so delightful to me. So, the other day I was at my friend's apartment, and in her bathroom there was a super cute cherry blossom twig in a pink vase. And I've been thinking about the colors ever since. Maybe this is kind of sappy and girly; but that's okay. Here's what I've come up with so far:

this would be the outside envelope (like, the outside envelope of the invitation that is inside the mailing envelope. Black box is a picture of the couplesorry the pictures aren't bigger...the wording is kind of silly -- it obviously wouldn't say "BRIDE" but a name...

And then I would think chocolate brown dupioni silk bridesmaids dresses -- knee length of tea length -- with pink sashes. Cherry blossoms would work perfectly for centerpieces, and I think some sort of beautiful white flower that matches cherry blossoms would be great. An ivory dress with brown suits (which I was told by Suzy is totally fine -- brown suits)...but I have to say that the tie color is stumping me. Any ideas?

This might be humorously interesting to one person reading it and incredibly "what in the world" to another. haha

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