Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More flying

Yesterday I flew to Kansas City, and flying is always an adventure.

Around 3:15, I set off confidantly through the aiport with my backpack and my computer case. I needed my computer case, because I had precious stuff in my backpack -- vegetables from my mom's garden. I was sure that the security people would stop me and search my bag once they saw an object that looked like this on the x-ray:

I guess, as Amy so cleverly pointed out, they could see through the cucumber to the seeds inside to know it wasn't harmful. But, I mean, I still could have gotten fancy with it in a pose somewhat like this:how did they know the little red-head wasn't gonna be dangerous with the cucumber??

So then, I walked through the airport and encountered some interesting people. Let's see, there was the older, I mean, *ahem* mature lady with the red purse who was walking quite determinedly with a confused look on her face. I imagined where she could be headed, and it was a slight bit frightening. Then, there was the boy who gave me a smirk as we passed each other, even though he should have been diligently listening to his mom who was very passionate about some subject. He looked too young for me anyways. When I plugged in my computer at one of those stations, the girls on both sides of me were playing that cake-maker game on their computers.

When you first walk onto the gangplank (is that what you call that thing to get on the airplane??) the excitement begins. But then, once I get on the airplane, and begin nearing my seat, I start spying out who my row-mates might be. And then the prayer is, "Oh, Lord, please not the weird guy. Please not the weird guy..." And then it's not the weird guy. No, it was the nice guy.

But then, the nice guy can be scary too. I'm screaming inside (not really, but, you know, for dramatic effect) "I look older than I am!!!" Then, as we talked, he says the word girlfriend..."Thank the Lord he has a girlfriend." So what's that jittery shaking of the knee? No, he's not interested in hitting on me; he just can't relax on airplanes. So, the jittery knee-bouncing continues for the next hour and he does hardly anything but look out the window and drink his cranberry juice. Oh, well. I could have prayed through some fear with him right there, but, I didn't.

And eventually, I got to my destination, and as I waited for my bag, the mom of the lady standing behind me arrived. As part of their greeting conversation, the mom proceeded to tell the daughter about how her dad was going to come pick her up, but he broke his little toe in the middle of the night because he kicked the bars at the end of the bed because he maybe has this thing called restless leg syndrome. You see, he usually keeps pillows down at the end of the bed (since he always shakes his legs) but he must have kicked them off.

Anyhoo, now I am at Elizabeth and Peter's house, hanging out with the Glorie-baby and the Amy.

This morning, Amy carried Glorie into my room to wake me up, Glorie kicked her legs and made her excited noises. Cuteness! A week and a half of cuteness!

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