Sunday, August 12, 2007

my Saturday

Yesterday I had one of the most funnest, awesomest, let's-make-up-some-new-words kind of day.

It started very early in the morning, probably about six o'clock. I was half asleep but barely aware that Ariel was rummaging around in the dresser. I wanted to say, "No, Ariel. those are Judah's clothes." [since she was rummaging on his side fo the dresser] but I didn't. A few minutes later, I woke up to realize that Ariel and Judah were playing around the apartment, but everyone of older ages seemed to be asleep. So I got up for a few minutes -- then Suz came and I went back to sleep.

It was the day that Suzy and I were gonna go do fun girl stuff, and it was very exciting. We went to go get a pedicure, and the whole thing was the most blog-worthy story. We got to the place and tried to pick up some magazines so that we could find a good hairstyle for me to cut my hair. Their magazine selection wasn't the most relevant to our situation. Suzy got stuck with the celebrity gossip paper while I looked through the bridal magazine. Our mission was to find hairstyles, but Suz was soon disgusted with the magazine and unable to continue and I sat there thinking about brown bridesmaid dresses and ivory gowns (like my post 2 posts ago). Suzy was having a sweet conversation with her girl, while the lady who was doing my feet had quite the time. Can I just say that I was extremely excited to get a pedicure so that I could have clean feet. This might not be the most exciting topic, but my feet were so callused that they never looked clean. I watched as she moved onto the portion of the pedicure where they do some work on the callused areas of your foot. I watched her look to the bottom of my feet and she was taken aback. She uttered a sound something like "tssk" and spent the next five to ten minutes scrubbing the bottom of my feet with all her strength. And they were clean. With pretty toenail polish.

Then we went to the mall and I got a haircut!! It's shorter, and layered, and much cuter. It had gotten long and what I called "elegant", but it had actually gotten slightly boring, at least in its state of cut-ness. We had a great time talking to my hair-cutter, Kim. Suzy read me a verse while we were sitting there, and mentioned something about anxiety, and the lady mentioned how that was her issue, and then we got to talk about how anxiety was a spirit, not just a physical battle in the mind, and about her experiences with religion and how her mom followed the Lord. It was really sweet.

After that we went to Nordstrom cafe and our sweet server who was about 75 brought us an extra bowl of soup so that we could each have one instead of sharing. It was such a lovely time.

Church was later and it was like a party service. We jumped around and sang with all our hearts and Brian preached a message about condemnation and fighting it and how condemnation tries to make everything complex when Christianity is in truth simple. He brought up body image in the message and then in the time when we all prayed through condemnation corporately (at NewSong we do repeat-after-me type things and break off stuff all together) all the women rebuked body image with everything they had-- we were like yelling as loud as we could. And then all the guys were clapping and I was just thinking how there are all these worthy, godly guys who would just love to yell, "that is not a standard for you! i don't hold you to that standard!" but how the enemy totally wants to keep every girl trapped in this idea that so much significance and worth is wrapped up in how skinny they are. It was an awesome service. We danced and sang some more and Brian told everybody to go have fun and party a little.

So we did! My friends took me out to Red Robin because I'm leaving on Monday. It was yummy and then my friend Hannah was so thoughtful and sweet and set up a movie-viewing at her house of my favorite - Jane Austen! We tried to watch Sense and Sensibility, but we were so tired that we didn't finish. =) It was a great day.

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