Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Adventures of Today

Today was an adventure day.

It started with some mirror adventures. Apparently, Glorie had quite the time when she first had the opportunity to sit next to the mirror and touch it; she got to find out how it doesn't feel like a human even though it looks like a human. Since she had already had that first adventure, though, she was more interesting in the straightener and hairbrush on the counter.

All three of us were wearing a cute shirt and jeans combo, so we tried to take a group picture -- it didn't really work.

Then, we got out of the house!! We went on a walk (Amy calls it a walk around the block, but I have to protest and say that it was much more than that -- Kansas City does definitely have hills, ladies and gentlemen, and they are annoying, especially when it is extremely hot).

Me and Amy did some computer-ing and some dish-washing.

Then, after Glorie's third nap, we went to the store for some bread and some milk (which reminds me, we go through milk very fast -- part of it being that I got sugar cereal to eat--very exciting). I carried Glorie in the ergo baby. This was exciting

When we got back, Peter had the waterpark running for the Miss Bee. Considering that it was almost a one-hundred degree day, this was a great idea.

And then, Amy and I took some self-portraits as well.

Now I wonder what we'll do tonight...maybe some movie. Maybe some baking. Flourless chocolate cake, anyone??

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