Thursday, August 30, 2007

Peterson Ultimatum

Amy and I went to finish off our Bourne series last night. It was quite fun. As you can see. We, well, I, was inspired to take Bourne-type pictures.

"I am ninja...he is ninja....she is ninja, too."

I think this picture pretty much speaks for itself. Amy says that no, I don't look like Jason Bourne because I look "limby." She says that when he jumps, he seems to have all his limbs in check. Anyways, I felt like him. Oh wait a minute, as you learn in the third movie, he is a cold-blooded killer, basically. Do I want to feel like him??

Amy decided to be a parachutist instead.Our Jason Bourne poses. Haha....we look nothing like him.

Actually, I wanted to have a picture in front of the poster for the movie...that didn't work so Amy suggested we use this other poster that said, "Resurrecting the Champ," which Amy felt was very appropriate. This picture is of me protesting that no, a boxing movie won't do as a substitute for the 4th Bourne movie that we suspect will be made. Spoiler warning(ha! I get to put a spoiler warning!): (The reason we suspect it will be is becaue that girl said, "It was difficult for me with you." But then never did anything with it. So, we think that he will feel obligated to rescue her since she's on the run too, and his last girlfriend got killed, etc.) But we took the picture anyways.

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