Saturday, August 18, 2007


I think I was slap happy for about ten hours straight a little while ago.

Last night, I went to yummy Shabbat dinner with Rachel and Nikki. We went to a Middle Eastern restaurant in Oak Park. Yummy. Then, me and Rachel drove Amy to the Prayer Furnace for the Fire in the Night time. We ended up staying too, and got some good prayer time together (yay, Jesus!). We were there until like the time we got home we weren't tired anymore it was so late. But we went to bed and got up early to make cake for Mr. Pan! We decide to give him birthday party today, but we got home so late last night that we couldn't do anything for it. We got up and figured out what we were doing and went to the store and made a fortress cake! Then, we wrote a war story to go with the fortress cake. It was very exciting, especially since we all woke up slap happy today, still tired. So, our story was very funny. And random. But very funny. And when I read it out loud to everyone as part of the celebration, I could not keep from laughing really, really hard; so, everyone was laughing. Very nice. Happy birthday, Mr. Pan!

this is the cake with a round piece cut just for Amy

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