Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Obviously, to get from Tacoma to Chicago, I had to fly. Which means I had to go to the airport. Well, I like flying. I think the airport is fun. Since I'm usually at the airport alone, it's quite the opportunity to feel somewhat grown up; sometimes I feel a bit vulnerable, too, but anyways...

Usually, getting dropped off at the airport to leave Tacoma is difficult. This one was the best one yet! I didn't cry! And even though some kinda out-of-my-control things happened, there was still this peace and security there; I was surrounded by the Lord.
For one, it was 4:30 in the morning. I got my suitcases inside, got in line, got up to the self check-in, and there isn't a way to check-in with just your name. You have to have your record locator or credit card or passport or something. They havet his handy-dandy little phone where you just call customer service and tell them your name and they give you your record locator, so that got figured out.
Then, I waited for the lady to come check my bags. I give her the one bag, as the sign that says "bags over 50 lbs - $50" runs through my head as I pray, "Jesus, please just make this miraculously register less...please...I can't handle that...please..." It was 54 lbs. I was like, "oh, please just let it go." the lady stopped an checked, and said, "Oh." And then kindly helped me just switch some stuff into my smaller suitcase. She was really nice and calm; my heart was probably racing and I said, "I'm nervous." And she said, "don't be nervous...I just try to help people sot hat they don't have to pay $50." she was really nice and calm, and I shakingly threw open my suitcase and switched my shampoo and stuff. It registered right at 50. [thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus]. The lady got my ticket and stuff, smiled, and said, "have a good flight. don't be nervous." She was sweet. Thank you, Jesus for that lady.

I was a little bit behind schedule, so I got to the security line, and it was massively titanic. So i went down the hall a little and got into the next line. I watched a really cute couple cry and kiss and hug and kiss and cry. It was cute.
I like to listen to music as I go along, but it wasn't working out the best, and I was trying to figure out how to get all my stuff in the security bins and everything. Anyways...I got through it all. I got on the airplane and flew away. And I had a great flight with no awkward plane tears. I had joy and peace. Jesus was so good.

goodybe, Seattle-Tacoma airport

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Cameron Ingalls said...

it's so good to see your face and read your words... i've been wondering how you have been lately. soo cool to catch up.