Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Yard

Today was so warm!! It was so warm, that we were too hot. It was so warm that our chocolate bars were melting. It was so warm that I put on capris and sandals. Because of this warmth we had a lovely daytime without tv, and lots of sun. We took so many fun pictures -- I must share them. :P

I think that in this next one, Jinny and Vicky look like the newest thing: jumping rappers. I just made it the newest thing. Who says you have to be in People magazine to make something the newest thing??

Vicky spent the night last night after we went to see Carousel at Northside Prep High School (some of my friends from music school were in it). This morning we went to church (New Community) and the message was really, really good. We sold chocolate and hung out outside. It was a good day!

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