Thursday, March 01, 2007


Today was quite interesting. We had lots of rain and some small hail, I think. (part of that same storm that caused the tornadoes in Alabama and the blizzard in Iowa...I think :) In the middle of first period, the boys were summoned to help move furniture. Then, later, the girls were summoned to help the Pre-school teacher set up her make shift classroom in a new room upstairs. Her room downstairs had flooded. The boys carried up her tables and chairs (which looks incredibly heavy -- good job, boys). We had to clean the chairs and get the room ready, then join all the other high schoolers who were down in the basement in a long assembly line emptying the storage room that was getting lots of water in it. It was cool: A few people were in the room, would slide a desk or hand a box to the next person, who would slide it into the next little hallway to someone who would slide it to the person at the bottom of the small staircase, who would carry it up the staircase and hand it off to someone at the top of the staircase, who would slide it to the person just through the next door, who would slide it into the lunchroom.
And what do you think was in that storage room?



Some flags,

(one of which, by the way, someone tried to throw out! I remembered back to the old 8th grade Constitution test days...Oh boy. You can't throw away an American flag!!! If you have to destroy it, you must honorably burn it. There. My point is made. I am an American.)

Some fake trees,

(minus the oranges)

Some books,

More books,

And some more books,

And all of these books were in cardboard boxes, many of which looked much like this one:

So we had to check all the books, to see if they had water damage. That was a lot of books. And, of course, the largest boxes of books, got the wettest, so, en route up the stairs, the box would completely break on the side, and the numerous books would just tumble out on the floor, right there where we had to make numerous trips to carry them up the stairs, across the gym, and to the table.

This whole time, it is still raining outside. So, we got to get in the rain whenever we took books out to be throw into the dumpster. I like going in the rain. I like throwing things into the dumpster. It brings a strange, fulfilling sense, perhaps?...cleansing, maybe?... how 'bout GETTING RID OF TONS OF STUFF THAT ISN'T NEEDED? that's more like it.

It was quite a fun day. Our dear, dear teachers bought us all pizza for lunch for helping. Then the girls finished the movie we've been watching in Girls' Bible (One Night with the King about Esther), and later I taught my choir class.

The day was kind of trying, quite fun, and titanically tiring (good one, huh? "titanically tiring" hehe.)

I didn't want to leave school; Mr. Pan suggested things for me to do at home: knit something and bake a cheesecake in my springform pan that my mom got me for Valentine's Day. (I think he just wanted cheesecake). Well, I did crochet, and I tried to make cheesecake, but, I couldn't get cream cheese. Sorry, Mr. Pan. Oh, and, when I got home I made my bed very nicely, with the sheets and the blanket tucked very well, and the comforters taken off and put back on so that they were evenly placed, and then, the pillows. Ahhh, yes.

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Oh my gosh, Anna, you're witty beyond words. (Yes, Titantically tiring was a good one :) I know I'm wasting time I was supposed to spend revising an article (due tonight, argh), but I couldn't help it! I shall read on!!