Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Amy and Annie

This is a joint post. Amy came over today, and now we're going to blog together. But first we have to think of something to say....


"Go catch a chicken."

I don't think that will do.

Perhaps we should start with what we have done today.

1. Before Amy came over, I went jogging. Before she came, she went to her grandma's house and played croquet. She told me that she almost hammered her little sister (but, as Amy is quick to point out, didn't actually hammer her) with her croquet-playing-thingy; but we should probably keep that a secret.

2.We walked to the library, and we tried to return a book that wasn't from the library. It wasn't on purpose...it was all Jinny's fault. We kindly decided to renew her books for her when we went to return mine. She didn't tell us that one of the books was from school, not a Chicago Public Library. But, I guess that was because she wasn't there. She is at her aunt's house today.

3.We watched Oklahoma. We made fun of the funny dancing scene after she smells the smelling salts.

4.We talked to Mr. Pan on the phone because we are all going to Bethany's chapel at North Park tomorrow. And because Fred got hurt (and Bob a little bit). Amy, Mr. Pan, and Annie know what that means. If you want to know, ask one of us (if you know one of us. :)

5.Then, we fixed the flag. It was all wound around its pole. We are so patriotic.

6. We played mancala. Well, "we" played twice and them Amy played twice with herself.
And she won.

7. Now we're blogging together.
8. I told my dad "bless you" because he sneezed, in case you wanted to know.
That brings us to the present. Now, what? The future, Amy says. [Amy gave herself 6 points for getting the right answer].

You know, a while ago, I wanted to do a post about Amy; and I started one; but then, my computer froze and I lost it. We had this day where we took pictures of each other.

Yay for Amy!

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