Friday, March 02, 2007

Flaming Cheese

Today, I had this feeling. I had to do something fun with my friends or else I would shut down or something. So, we made flaming cheese! We had been meaning to ever since we went to the Parthenon downtown and had flaming cheese (saganaki). We have made it before, but never with Jinny, so we did it today!
We already had the alcohol from the last time we made it, but we had to go buy cheese.

Making Saganaki
1.Cut the cheese

2.Soak the piece of cheese in egg then cover in flour.

3.Fry cheese

4.Pour alcohol...

5.Light it6."Opa!!!"

(you put out the flame with lemon. yummy)

Here is our alcohol saved from last time:

Can you read the note taped to the Dasani water bottle? "Alcohol for flaming cheese. Don't pour out!"

So, of course, this whole time I am taking pictures in order to put them on my blog. Oh yes, I think about my blog. :) And, sorry, but the really good pic of fire is on a video, which I don't know how to put on the blog. Any ideas? I guess I can post it on YouTube. I'll try.

And, of course, you need some group pics at the end:

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