Friday, March 30, 2007

Unspeakable, unthinkable, "aaaaaaaahhhh"?

I feel like I may have just committed treason...

I added High School Musical to our Netflix list.

Ahh!!!! Am I right, am I wrong? This morning I got reactions of almost pain at the mentioning of the name of the movie by two of my friends. They say it's not worth anything. One of my classmates, though, loves it. I feel like I have to see it, just so that I am informed.

Is this right? Will I be cast aside forever by those with their heads on straight around me? This has to happen, just in the midst of all our "what is cheesy" conversations. Oh dear. At least I can think in this way: I can pretty much assure everyone in the world right now, before I have even seen it, that High School Musical was, is, and always will be cheesy.

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Never be afraid of cheese. *unless it's visibly moldy*