Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Music...and....other stuff

Jinny and I were searching for new music for her mp3. Here is some commentary:
  • Jinny says that in Korea, it's normal to get the music free off one of those websites. I wish music was free.
  • Some songs are cheesy. Some songs, I didn't used to think were cheesy, but now...Oh, dear. The Buckaroo song; I didn't think it was cheesy, but then somebody had to say it was; and now I think it is, too. I am too influenced by what other people say. Bring it All Back to You by S Club 7 sounds like it's from High School Musical. Now, I've never seen High School Musical, but I'm guessing that it's songs are somewhat like this one - and very cheesy. Have you noticed how all the modern, cheesy songs say to follow your heart and you can do anything you want? Oh, boy. "The heart is deceitful above all things." Don't follow your heart. Follow Jesus' heart. [now: step down off my soapbox. or, at least, stop talking for a few minutes]
  • There's prety much one love song to talk about: we call it, The Song. It's from the movie What a Girl Wants, and it's sung by Oliver James. This isn't that great of a video, but the song is on it.
  • I guess there are other great love songs, but...I can't think of them all right now. Some from A Walk to Remember are good (and I know that some will read that and cringe and say that this should have been under the "cheesy" section...oh well. Sometimes you have to grin and bear cheesy -- and admit that you really do like it. That has got to be okay; it's just gotta be okay. I feel like the denying cheesy, at its heart, another "keeping up appearances" and putting worth in your outside look thing).

Well, anyway...enough about music.

Today I went to chapel at North Park University, and they had a gospel choir from Sweden. They were cool. And the ppl talked about their missions trips.

After that we went to Open Hearth, and we stayed there for a very long time. I had soup. We quizzed each other about Disney movies out of one of those Disney trivia games. We didn't play the game, we just quizzed with the cards. My answer to everything became "Woody." Then Amy and Mr. Pan caught on, and actually said it at the right time. Disney movies are quite a category unto themselves. I must say, I like that "'Mufasa.' 'Oooh -- say it again, say it again!' 'Muuufassaaaaa.'"

We came back to my house and discovered that our refrigerator is very broken. We have to get a new one. Ours is 30 years old. It's the only refrigerator I've ever known. I know the shelves and how to look through it. Now, I shall have to change my refrigerator ways. I hope the transition goes smoothly. And that we can find a new refrigerator that doesn't cost very much.

I went to go babysit at the house group I babysit for on Wednesdays. That was fine. We played this trivia games (it must be the day of trivia games), and one of the boys was annoyed that I kept getting all the answer. Finally, I can answer one thing with "I'm older." :) :)

Where is Timbuktu? Mali

(I didn't know that one)

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DMP said...

Annie! I have insomnia and am reading your fwam blog. You are such a good blogger. I really like what you said on this post about the heart being deceitful (well, the Lord said it first) and not to follow your heart, follow Jesus' heart. So beautiful. I love it. You are wise beyond your years young one, wise beyond your years.

BTW, you are also amazingly beautiful in so many ways and I don't think I have spent enough time recently telling you that. I pray that our Lord Himself would fill you with such a strong impression of His deep, everlasting, and powerful infatuation with you.

En fin, I love you!