Friday, March 16, 2007

Movie Night

Well, as promised, today was cold in the school. It was not by any means unbearable, though. All the stuff from the storage room flooding was still in the lunchroom, so during gym we switched off playing basketball and putting books in boxes, etc. Then, tonight was a movie night as a fundraiser for our missions trip. I was put with the little pre-schoolers, and it was quite an adventure. We tried to have them sit still and watch the movie, but they were so full of energy. They couldn't just sit still. We tried laying them down (and they were super cute)

Eventually, though, we gave up on finishing the movie and decided to just take them down to the gym and let them run off some energy. It was hilarious. I wasn't quite sure what to do with them at first, but I was encouraged that it was alright to just let them run. And they ran. They ran and ran and ran and ran. The other fun part was that Mr. Mann and Mr. Pan were down there, and most of the kids were boys, and it was so fun to watch them play in a boy-with-a-ball way. Mr. Pan and I both thought each other were a slightly very funny because we had such different styles with them. The little boys would come crying to me (mind, they are only 3 and 4 years old) that the ball hit them or they weren't getting the ball. The little boy that came with "the ball hit my face" got this response from me: "ooohhh. does it need a kiss?" [I know it sounds cheesy in writing, but you know how you try to help little kids feel better.] Before the little boy could answer, Mr. Pan was urging him back to the game, with full assurance that he was quite alright. Of course, Mr. Pan was right; it left me with a "I don't think I understand little boys as much as I thought I did." Mr. Pan and Mr. Mann totally realized that the little ones were so resilient and it's totally normal for them to just play really hard and throw themselves around everywhere and have lots of fun. I think I should realize that more.
Today, actually, I got hit in the face (right on the nose) with a ball. It was one of those games where you come up with a "I'm a girl, I don't play basketball" even though I actually do like the game. It made my lip bleed. Oh, well.
Happy St. Patricks Day! I have to put up pictures of these notes my friend made. She made one for basically everybody in the high school (each person had their own reason other than Irishness):
This is the first one she made. After a while, I was like, "Why can't anybody kiss me?" I know that nobody should be kissing me (well, a certain kind of nobodies), but it was the spirit of the thing. Anyway, so she made me another one.
It was funny when she made Jinny one: it said, "Kiss me. I'm sleepy." The funny thing was that I had to quickly assure Jinny that it wasn't at all a mean thing (like she seemed to think it was at first): she doesn't know about St. Patrick's Day and the whole "Kiss Me I'm Irish" saying; plus, it was the middle of class so I couldn't explain right away. It was soon straightened out, though, and Kia made me smile. :)
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! (I am proud to be Irish and if I were to receive any kisses on my Irish merit--receivable kisses of a sisterly nature, of course -- it would be quite a happy thing.) Yay for the Irish!!

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Amy Rachel Peterson said...

Hooray for kissing the Irish! I got two kisses--one from Djecky and one from Jenny. They are very obedient children, and when one tells them that it is customary to kiss the Irish on St. Patrick's day, and that you yourself happen to be Irish...well, little children kisses end up sweetening your cheek :)