Friday, March 09, 2007

It's Been So Long!!

I feel like it has been forever since I blogged, and I hardly know where to start.
Last Sunday, Amy came over to hang out with me and Jinny. I was still coming off of my I-finished-my-paper high, and we wanted to do something fun. Jinny had never seen the Princess Bride and so after we went to Target and tried on some cowgirl hats (very sadly missing an extremely cute pictures opportunity, because we didn't have a camera with us), we went home and ate a lunch of hot Korean noodles (with some other stuff) and watched the Princess Bride.

The thing is, these noodles are very hot. Amy and me's sensitive, unexperienced American taste buds can't handle even putting the whole package of spicy seasoning into the noodles.

I like eating with chopsticks, though!

Sunday was also my Dad's birthday:

Now, while I remember: congratulations, Cameron! My friend got married. He's usually the photographer, but this time he and his bride (named Anna. yay) were the photographees, and they did very well, I must say. Look at his blog to see great pictures.

Now, I don't remember what I did on Wednesday. I went to school, and I slept some probably, but I don't remember much else.

On Thursday, after school, Jinny and I went to the mall. Driving away from the house it felt like my self was being told, "Self, guess what!?! You have a life beyond school. Wow." We tried on hats, and I do not approve of the pictures, but for the sake of information and the promotion of the wearing of cute hats (note: cute hats are very different from "I'm the queen of England/I'm dating the Prince of Englad hats"). I think I have decided that the best way to wear a hat is with your hair down.

When we were at Bath & Body Works, we were innocently trying the new aromatherapy lotion scents when this lady approaches Jinny and boldly puts forth: "Could you do me a favor?" [uhh...we don't work here] "Could you please tell me where..." [no, we really don't work here] "you got that vest. I really like it." [oh, you don't think we work here. um, she bought the vest in Korea....don't think that one's gonna work out for you.] Jinny got a little scared.



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