Thursday, February 15, 2007


Well, I'm still sick, so...I'll do more blogging!

I thought I might share some recent ice skating adventures I've been seeing because, well, they've been exciting/interesting.

I didn't actually see the Nationals, but I heard about who won in the women's division. When I heard that the competition had happened, I asked about Evan Lysacek, because he is my favorite (since the Olympics). Later, when I went to look it up, he had won!! It was so exciting! He won with the best program he has ever skated; he succesfully did a jump he has never done successfully in a competition before. See, even he couldn't believe it (pic at right).

His program was so amazing! It is so fun to watch.

I decided around the time of the last olympics that I really like men's figure skating. I didn't use to. I realized that the women are supposed to be so small and petite, but the men are much taller. All their movements look so elegant because their arms and legs are so long, everything they do looks amazing.

Alright, congratulations, Evan!

He's still my favorite skater!

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